How Are You Spending Your Time?

How much time per day do you spend online? Of course, this varies greatly, depending on the type of work you do, your interest in various sites, and that sort of thing. It’s different for everyone. Perhaps the question should be, “How much time do you waste online?”. The answer, if you’re anything like me, […]

Why Extended Digital Breaks May Not Work

Probably three or four times a week I come across articles that talk about how necessary it is to take digital breaks – shutting off devices and online connection for a period of days or weeks. The intent is to disconnect from the 24/7, always-on nature of life in the 21st century, to break some […]

New Habits to Start This Week

I know not many people like Mondays. I guess I am weird, because I’m a big fan of them. The beginning of a new week means a fresh start, new possibilities, and an opportunity to begin again. So, here’s your Monday to do list, some ideas to start of your week on the right foot […]

Developing Better Habits for New Communication

A lot of people are still struggling a lot with this whole social web thing. We are hyper connected – our smart phones are rarely out of reach. We’re bombarded with information 24/7, and have a hard time filtering (or we filter too much). And the problem is, we are losing a lot in the […]

How To Be a Passionate Producer

First, if you’re not reading Julien Smith’s blog, “In Over Your Head”, you need to start. And if you’re not sure where to start, read his post “19 Thoughts About Finding Your Purpose”. And if you don’t think you have time to read a whole blog post (which is bull$#!t, as Julien would say), then […]

Tips for Managing Your Online Time You May Not Want To Hear

It’s no secret that social media can be one of the best ways to generate new business leads, especially for small business owners. I’m living proof of that; at Jester Creative, many of our clients have come from connections we’ve made through blogging, and via social networks like Twitter and LinkedIN. I am a huge […]

3 Ways to Reduce Online Noise and Get More Done

The world is a noisy place, and it’s only getting noisier. If you’re like me, you remember a time when there were only a couple of TV stations (in fact, when I lived in the Arctic as a kid, we only had ONE channel!). You remember a time when you had one telephone, and if […]

Re-creating Time

How busy are you? No really…how busy ARE you? If you’re like most people, you’re so busy you barely have time to think. You feel like you’re always playing catch up, and you never quite get there. Yep. Me too. I like to be busy more than just about anything – that’s probably why I […]

The Easy Answer to Everything

I see it at least 20 times a day. People asking for the “easy answer”, the “quick tip”. In this era of what my buddy Christopher Penn calls “snack sized” information, we’ve become conditioned to want to get all the juicy information in 140 characters or less. We think that one inspiring blog post is […]

Inches of Time

I was looking at my calendar the other day. It’s really full. I’m totally okay with it being that way. After all, it’s my own fault. Last year I decided to ramp up on a few things – more teaching, more speaking gigs. We went full throttle on producing another season of our TV series. […]