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The Good Problem

There are basically two situations we get into as self-employed people. Either we are completely overwhelmed because we don’t have enough clients, and therefore, don’t have enough money coming in, or, we are completely overwhelmed because we have so many clients, so many projects to get done and what would seem like not enough time....CONTINUE READING

Hard Work Should Be Easy

I’m inspired this morning by Mitch Joel of Twist Image. In his latest blog post, “How Hard Do You Really Work?”, he mentions a line he uses when he does his public speaking events. “…most people I know are trying to make it to the weekend. I’m trying to make it.” Wow. That is a...CONTINUE READING

Productivity Experiment

I have a new experiment. Starting tonight, I’ve done the following things: Unsubscribed from all unnecessary email subscriptions. Consolidated all of my email accounts into Thunderbird. Turned OFF the automatic download and notification feature. Disabled the Gmail “You have mail!” icon in my web browser. Eliminated all unnecessary icons on my Blackberry. Turned my Blackberry...CONTINUE READING
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