Food and Cats? Why I do It

I sometimes jokingly warn people when they start following me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook to be prepared for lots of photos of my dinner and my cats. It’s usually good for a chuckle or two. The truth is, I do post a lot of food and cat pictures on my social media […]

My Three Words for 2014

Thanks to Chris Brogan, I’ve been doing the three words exercise for a number of years now. Basically, instead of making resolutions I’ll never keep, I come up with three words that will guide my actions in the coming year. It’s a great exercise and I find it helps me to get really focused on […]

Our Connected World

What were you doing 10 years ago today? You know, before all this stuff. Back when there was no Facebook (yes, there was a time!). No Likes. No Shares. No Friends. (Well, okay, I’ll give you that last one.) Twitter was something birds did. There was no endless scrolling on Pinterest, and no Vine-ing the night […]

Reduce Your Inputs, Maximize Your Output

Wasn’t life so much simpler a few years ago? Before smart phones and tablets? Back when, in order to check your email, you had to go to a computer (sometimes, one at the office), log in and download? When, if someone wanted to talk to you, they either emailed you or (gasp) phoned you? Think […]

Being An Optimist is About More Than Just Making Lemonade

It’s been a month. 4 weeks ago, I cracked my ribs in an unfortunate and very non-heroic shower accident. 2 weeks ago, we had to quickly move back into a home office situation for reasons too complex to discuss in one blog post. Last weekend, my husband and I were sideswiped by a transport truck […]

Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

I’ve had issues with anxiety for most of my adult life. At first, I figured I was just a worrywart. It’s part of my nature, to worry about things. But at a certain point, when I was in my early twenties, the worry started to take over. I couldn’t shut it off. My sleep suffered, […]

How Improv Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Much has been written on the art of saying “No”. Learning how to say no to things is often a key to personal and professional success – not over-committing helps you to avoid under-performing, and saying “no” when it comes to people asking you to perform work for free can help you maintain both your […]

My Three Words for 2013

A few years ago, my friend Chris inspired me to come up with three words to help define and shape the coming year. I have always found this practice much more effective than setting goals or resolutions, because it is more about guiding principles. We cannot always control what’s going to happen to us each […]

Quiet: The New New Year’s Celebration

New Year’s Eve is a time of raucous celebration for many people. Whether it’s being in the thick of it in Times Square, having an an extravagant dinner out with your sweetie, or whooping it up at a nightclub or house party, the last night of the year is cause to party hearty till the […]

The Number One Thing Holding You Back From Creating Great Content

So, how’s that blog coming along? Your e-Book? That video series you’ve been wanting to start? If you are in any aspect of business, I don’t have to tell you the value of producing great content in order to establish yourself in a market, open up a dialogue between you and your customers, position yourself […]