Generation Social: A Social Media Documentary You Must See

First, disclosure. Andrew Lavigne is a close friend of mine. We’ve worked together on and off for 20 years. He’s an exceptionally talented director, writer, and director of photography. Does that make me biased? You bet it does. But if you have any interest at all in social media, and the stories of the people […]

TV Is Not Dead

You hear it all the time. YouTube serves up hundreds of millions of videos per day. Video blogs are more popular than ever. And mainstream TV, with it’s so-called reality junk food shows like Jersey Shore, and endless reruns of Jerry Springer, is becoming redundant, is often repulsive, and ultimately will be rendered obsolete within […]

Pay Attention to the Background

Back in TV school, I was taught that when framing up a shot, it’s really important to look at the background. Even if the framing of a shot is perfect, if something weird is going on in the background, it can ruin everything. It could be a cable from a light running across the floor. […]