Ontario Teachers Told Not to Tweet? Not Quite.

I was quite incensed this morning when I read this article from CBC News, “Ont. Teachers Being Told Not to Tweet with Students”. At first, I was ready to jump down the throat of the Ontario College of Teachers, whom the article states have produced an advisory to their members telling them to “avoid connecting […]

Should You Connect with Your Students on Social Networks?

Note: I’m coming at this from the perspective of a College teacher, where my students are adults. I know there is fierce debate over teachers connecting on Facebook with high school or younger students. I’m not an expert on K-12 education, and can only speak from my own experience in adult education. This semester, I […]

Tech in the Classroom is Cool, But it’s Not About the Tools

In my part of the world, today is the first day of school for many post-secondary students. Some are heading into their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year – others are walking in the doors for the first time. It’s interesting times in the world of education; technology has enabled us, as teachers, to expand the […]

My Online Back To School Toolkit

It’s that time of year again! I love back to school. I’m excited to meet my new group of students (I always have first-years in the Fall), and look forward to helping some future web designers and developers learn some new skills. Teaching is one of the most rewarding things I do. With all of […]

Changes are Afoot

I’ve been musing here for over 3 years. It seems like much longer! But, it IS Internet time after all, so that’s like, 15 years, right? I’ve often thought of my blog as my playground. It’s the space where I can feel free to mess around with ideas and concepts, get things clear in my […]

How I Learned About Social Media (and how you can too)

Most of the links in this post are to the people I have learned the most from over the past three years. Please click on their links and check them out. They offer a great deal to this space, and I am forever indebted to them, for they have taught me so much and made […]

Want to Learn? Learn to Teach

I sort of fell into the whole teaching thing. I never had aspirations to actually BE a teacher. I wasn’t a great student, after all. Sure, I didn’t skip classes, mostly got my homework done on time, but my grades were a mess – partly from being a military brat (Canada’s education system is not […]

Content and The Next Generation

Tomorrow I begin teaching my first video production class to a group of about 40 future web and new media designers. I have another 40 to teach on Monday. I’m pretty excited about it. We’re going to have a ton of fun, learning to write, shoot, and edit video and discovering the power of video […]

Why It's Important to Keep the Well Full

I spend a lot of my time teaching other people things. I might be teaching my clients how to envision their perfect web or video project, or teaching them about what options and technologies are available to them.  I might be teaching (more coaching) staff on projects. This Fall, I’ll be teaching college students the […]

Kids These Days: Can We Really Say They are "Dumb"?

In our local paper yesterday there was an article about Mark Bauerlein’s book “The Dumbest Generation”. Now, I’d like to start off by saying I have not read Mr. Bauerlein’s book. Based on the article, I probably still won’t read it. Mostly because I think it’s a load of crap. The article points to a […]