What’s Holding You Back From Telling Your Story?

If there’s a term out there these days that I’m not fussy on, it’s “content marketing”. I totally get that content is king (though I believe that conversation is actually king), but content has become so commoditized lately. It seems like content is now a product or service being sold by myriad “social media consultants” […]

Play Me a Rock ‘N Roll Song: What Valdy Knows About His Audience

If you’re Canadian, and you grew up in the 60s and 70s, chances are you’ve heard of Valdy. He’s one of the most well-known folk singers in Canada, and is famous for his hit song “Play Me a Rock ‘N Roll Song”. Here it is, have a listen. It’s okay, I’ll wait. Notice what he […]

Deeper Thinking Equals Better Blogging

I get very insecure about blogging. I think that I don’t have anything original to say, that I’m just re-hashing stuff you can find anywhere. I’m always appreciative when people stop by to read and comment, but deep down I sometimes feel like I’m still not doing enough. I’ve been on a journey to improve […]

Overcoming Your Fear of Social

The massive transformation taking place in the world of marketing and communications has thrown a lot of people for a loop. Many people are lost as to what the next steps really are in the online world. Information abounds on how to use the tools of the web to connect with people and develop better […]

How To Be a Passionate Producer

First, if you’re not reading Julien Smith’s blog, “In Over Your Head”, you need to start. And if you’re not sure where to start, read his post “19 Thoughts About Finding Your Purpose”. And if you don’t think you have time to read a whole blog post (which is bull$#!t, as Julien would say), then […]

The Experimentation Experiment

Back in 1998, I had just graduated from a multimedia production program at Algonquin College. In that 6 month, post-graduate course, we learned all about design and development of interactive CD-ROMs, which was still a great skill in those days. The Internet was just starting to become popular, but nobody really knew where it was […]

You Gotta Speak Up – Finding Your Voice in a Sea of Information

Okay class. First thing I want you to do is watch this video of Marlon Brando. For real. Then come back. Great stuff, eh? That interview was taped in 1973. Brando admits to being a little “long in the tooth”, but that doesn’t stop him. He wasn’t one to give many interviews, but when he […]