Here’s the coolest thing about the Internet.

You get to choose who to follow.

You get to choose who to block.

You get to choose the channels on which you communicate.

You get to choose what to talk about.

You get to choose who to listen to.

You get to choose who you sell to.

You get to choose who you buy from.

You get to choose the high road.

You get to choose whether you involve yourself in others’ business, or mind your own.

You get to choose what filters you put on the information that is fed to you.

You get to choose how you present yourself to others.

You get to choose your perceptions.

You get to choose to +1 and Like whatever you want.

You get to choose.

Are the choices you’re making out here every day getting you closer to your goals?

[image by: colodio]

2 Responses

  1. TBH, this is what’s bugging me about the recent rash of “you must not pay for this knowledge” debate. And that’s my nice way of putting it.

    People can choose for themselves what works for them. Maybe some need help and if they ask for it, I think it’s okay to guide them, no? Some, like you and me, don’t need the help determining whether or not to make those choices. (Well, most of the time.) We’re smart enough to know what areas in which we need assistance.

    I’d like to think that both are okay. But lately the impression I’m getting is that everyone needs “help” making that choice.

    In the end, your question is the most important factor in making the decisions that you choose to make. The rest is gravy.

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