What I Learned from TEDxOttawa

I’m not going to write a post about how great TEDxOttawa was for me. I’m not going to do a synopsis of the day, the amazing speakers, the brilliant teamwork, or the terrific food. All of that is true. The event had a profound impact on me, from many points of view. I’ve already discussed […]

Talking TEDxOttawa and Announcing Something New!

This afternoon I sat down with my friend Aronado to record a quick bit about this weekend’s big event, TEDxOttawa. The crew has been working really hard to pull things together, and we’re thrilled with how things are looking. Prepare to be entertained, enlightened and informed. Don’t forget to follow the live stream if you […]

Walking Through the Door

I’ve stepped up my game. I realized all too suddenly a little while ago that I’d set some very specific goals for myself this year, and that although I was on track to achieve some things, others were getting left in the dust. We’ve all heard the expression “Opportunity knocks”. Lots of us answer the […]