Ontario Teachers Told Not to Tweet? Not Quite.

I was quite incensed this morning when I read this article from CBC News, “Ont. Teachers Being Told Not to Tweet with Students”. At first, I was ready to jump down the throat of the Ontario College of Teachers, whom the article states have produced an advisory to their members telling them to “avoid connecting […]

Case Jam: Facebook in the Classroom

I’m really excited and fortunate to be involved in a whole lot of stuff at Algonquin College these days. In addition to teaching part time in the Interactive Multimedia Developer program, I’m also teaching online courses in Digital Communication and Social Media in Business, and Jester Creative is working with the college to produce a […]

Technology in the Classroom: My Midterm Report

Ah, the halfway point. Classes are in full swing, students are eagerly working away on projects, and I always take a bit of time to reflect on where things are at so far. This semester, I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time contemplating the role of social media and technology in the classroom. Here […]

Dreaming of Connected Classrooms

Ever since I started teaching at the college level a few years ago, I’ve been dreaming. My first dream was to design a course that discussed emerging technologies, social media, and communication on the Web. I took my dream to the powers that be at the college and they gave me a shot. The course, […]

How to Incorporate Emerging Technologies to your Teaching Today

I was thinking back to the first time I was in college, back in 1988 (ooh. I’m really dating myself now). There were no computers in the classroom. We lugged around armloads of textbooks and binders with foolscap clicked into them. There were no text messages coming in on our mobile phones to distract us […]

Changes are Afoot

I’ve been musing here for over 3 years. It seems like much longer! But, it IS Internet time after all, so that’s like, 15 years, right? I’ve often thought of my blog as my playground. It’s the space where I can feel free to mess around with ideas and concepts, get things clear in my […]