My Online Reading List

Thanks to my friend Brad Filippone for the idea for today’s post! You can follow him on Twitter or check out his blog all about the playwright Thomas Dekker. Well, with only a few short weeks left before the demise of our beloved Google Reader, I’m now working with Feedly for my online reading (though I […]

Want to Make Great Content? Stop Making Excuses

In the online world, Content is King….and everyone wants a turn on the throne. Competition for eyeballs is fiercer than ever, and with such an influx of information hitting everyone all the time, it can be pretty discouraging for the average content creator like you and me to even know where to start. How can […]

Explain RSS to Your Mom!

I love this! The other day I posed a question to the web-o-sphere – “how do I explain the power of RSS to my Mom?”. Well the web-o-sphere responded, and I got a great suggestion from theinternationale: I tend to frame RSS in terms of that old idea of the “Daily Me”. Sit down at […]