Thanks to my friend Brad Filippone for the idea for today’s post! You can follow him on Twitter or check out his blog all about the playwright Thomas Dekker.

Well, with only a few short weeks left before the demise of our beloved Google Reader, I’m now working with Feedly for my online reading (though I discovered a neat little MacOS app the other day called RSS Notifier that I’m also pretty keen on.)

Once I got everything set up in Feedly (they make it easy with their Normady project), I looked through my feeds and discovered a bunch of stuff I wanted to get rid of. After doing a purge of old and unwanted feeds, I was left with just the sites that I find most valuable. Today I am offering a selection of some of my favourite online reading sources. I encourage you to subscribe to them and enjoy!

Christopher S. Penn – Awaken Your Superhero

Want to be a smarty pants? Subscribe to Chris. He posts several times per week on productivity, digital marketing, and wraps it all around philosophical life lessons. Chris is a very smart guy, an awesome presenter and a great guy to read while you sip your morning coffee.


The definitive source for writers of online content, Copyblogger digs deep into content marketing topics of all kinds. Many posts are in the form of list posts, but there’s never any fluff on this site. Just practical tips and guidance that will make you a better copywriter and more effective at content marketing.

Dumb Little Man – Tips for Life

This is one of my all time favourite blogs. Having a down day? Head over to Dumb Little Man and receive practical tips and wisdom on living a better life. It might be just the kick in the pants you need. I know it often is the one I need.

Science and Story

I have been friends with Arlene Smith for literally decades. She’s an amazing writer, and has a way of wrapping a story in a spiritual lesson that I just love. Her posts are brief and poignant, and you can expect a couple of great gems every single week from her.


With the food blog to end all food blogs, my friends at FoodiePrints, a.k.a. Don and Jenn Chow, are a food blogging force to be reckoned with. Several times per week, you’ll see FoodiePrints share their experiences as Ottawa foodies – from reviews, to recipes, and even food news! Their photos are drool-worthy and their stories are charming.

Content Marketing Institute

Back to business for a bit – if you’re into content marketing at all, you need to subscribe to this blog. It is chock full of great concepts, ideas, and new things to try. I learn something from this site almost every single day.

Mom Pop Pow

Diane and Steve Brogan are two of my favourite people. They are a charming, lovely couple and remind me a lot of my own parents. Their blog, Mom Pop Pow, is a reflection of their daily life. Sometimes you’ll see a new, delicious and healthy recipe they’ve just tried, other days you’ll see a video book review, and some days Diane shares these wonderfully reflective and touching snippets of her experiences. All in all, it’s a wonderful accompaniment a cup of tea on a chilly morning.

So that’s it – some of my favourite picks from my online reading list. Give these sites a try and let me know what you think. Do you have some favourite sites? Please add them to the comments below.

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  1. I also read Dumb Little Man and Diane and Steve’s blog too – so much to learn from reading other people’s perspectives and experiences.

  2. I’ve been a longtime fan of Chris Penn! I love his ability to keep Social Marketing in perspective. He reminds us that it’s in service of our businesses, it’s not a thing unto itself. I like how he sometimes takes us inside how he runs his business, calculates pricing, etc.

    Copyblogger … their several times a day updates eventually got to me. Had to take a break from them.

    Dumb Little Man looks like something I’ll try. Thanks for this posting.

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