Just some stuff I’ve been thinking about tonight:

That’s it. My stream of consciousness substituting for a blog post tonight. Feel free to contribute your own musings in the comments. I’ll be back soon with a real post.

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  1. Do people use things like Twitter because they are interested in other people’s lives or interested in telling the world how interesting their life is. Or both?

    Yes. I love listening to other people talk about their daily lives in small sound bytes. I hate talking to customers about computer stuff because it’s not my forte, but human interest (specifically interest in their lives) is. And I also like telling people when I’m having an ordinary or boring day in the hopes that they feel they have something to twit to cheer me up or get me thinking about other stuff other than self pity. 🙂

  2. thoughts on your stream
    -barre chords. I always seem to pick songs with lots of F, F#m, Bm and so on. damn barre chords still can’t get them right and others make it look so easy
    -people won’t bail due to ad schemes. never have, never will
    -canadian elections are boring
    -yup on analyzing too much. i choose action personally
    -California coast (half moon, monterey, …), Barcelona, NYC, big island hawaii, Nice … If I move, it sure as hell ain’t gonna be Calgary or Cinci … lame (no offense)
    -37 is when it hit me that I was getting older. could ski and party like crazy two days in a row. tried red bull and espresso … nothing … then laid in bed amake most of the night. but don’t worry, i’m sure its just me
    -pajamas are already acceptable social attire in a least two places 1) my house 2) the playboy mansion. two good choices
    -why twitter: both reasons in good balance.
    -I love what is next while living in the moment. it is not a contradiction.

    Not sure if you were looking for our answers to your streams but the ? marks seemed to be begging for it.

  3. Ah, Susan, Susan (Sue?).

    Musings – you have to love ’em, huh? I find some of the best inspirations come from musings – business ideas, pitches, blog posts, etc. Something to do with the sub-conscious eating into the conscious, I think. Don’t quote me though, I’m not a psychologist! 🙂

    RE. turning 38 – live each day as if it’s your last before your 39. Because then you’re only 1 year away from catching up on me! 😀

  4. “Are we spending too much time analyzing everything and not enough time doing actual stuff?”

    Great food for thought…whether it’s social media or the financial crisis or the next U.S. president…are we actually DOING something with or about it or are we just yapping?

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