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The Web has changed everything. At one time, we were merely consumers of media that was published by large corporations. Today all that has changed. Now, anyone with anInternet connection and an idea can be a publisher of great content.

Today, we can share our thoughts and ideas in text, video, audio and images. We can reach new audiences, share our passions, and build our businesses. Yet many of us are still unsure about this whole idea of publishing content ourselves. We have ideas, but we are uncertain how to get them out there for the world to see. Most of all, we are afraid of not being interesting enough, or of facing criticism.

In 24 years that I’ve been creating media, I’ve learned a lot about the creative process that goes into publishing. I’ve faced many challenges, worked through my fears, and have reaped the rewards of creative expression. I’ve made lasting connections with friends, business associates and more. I credit much of my career success to my ability to produce and publish great content, and I want to help you become a prolific producer and publisher too.

I am overjoyed to announce the release of my first e-Book, “Just Hit Publish: How To Become a Prolific Digital Content Producer”. This 59 page guide will take you through a process of discovery into your own creative process and help you to master the art of publishing. You will learn:

Buy now on Amazon for just $3.99! 





Creating Video for the Web: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Telling Amazing Stories

I wanted to provide a useful, no-nonsense guide to creating better videos. I’m not going to tell you about the latest flashy tools here. I am going to tell you about some simple tips and techniques that you can use for little or no cost that will help you become a better video storyteller. And best of all, it’s free!

I would love to hear what you think. Please leave a comment, or better yet, send me links to your finished videos! And, you are welcome to share this e-Book with whoever you think could benefit from it.


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