My Low Tech Approach to Podcamp

This weekend I’m thrilled to be attending my 2nd Podcamp Montreal. Last year’s inaugural event was, to say the least, fantastic. I met a ton of amazing people, and I can’t stress enough how much I love the unique vibe and class that the Montreal organizers bring to the event. You really have to experience […]

Podcamp Montreal – A Wrap Up

Podcamp Montreal is behind us and after having a day or so to reflect on my experience I have a few observations.  Day 2 of Podcamp was just as captivating as Day 1. I did only manage to attend a couple of sessions, but what I experienced was well worth it.  C.C. Chapman and Mitch […]

Podcamp Montreal Day 1: Considering Ourselves

Day 1 of Podcamp Montreal was a resounding success. The energy of this event is phenomenal…people are really enthusiastic and the whole place just seems to be a buzz of activity and creatitivity. The presentations yesterday were really terrific. Sylvain Grand’Maison told us how to not suck. He gave some awesome tips to content creators, […]

Podcamp Montreal is here!

So after a hectic day of work, my friend Cheryl (@fendergurl on Twitter) and I arrived in Montreal about 9pm last night, and, after getting quite lost and literally intuiting our way to the hotel, we headed for La Quincaillerie, where the opening night party was going down. We were starving, and not in the […]