5 Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing This Summer

Ever have one of those days when, no matter how hard you try, the ideas just won’t come? Yeah, me too. I find this happens to me more in the summer, when the pace of life slows and the back yard patio calls longingly to “come, sit, relax a while.” However, just because the warm […]

Sometimes It’s What You Don’t Know

Remember how I occasionally will get on your case a bit about what it takes to overcome your fears and just get out there and start telling your stories? Well, I’ve been away from this blog for a bit, working on publishing some other things, so I haven’t been bugging you about it. But I’m […]

How To Make a Movie (or any other creative project) on the Internet

I’ve written before about using the Internet to produce a film project. My friend Andrew Lavigne is a filmmaker in Vancouver who has done a great job of leveraging social media and the Web to produce his documentary film, “With Glowing Hearts.” Andy’s film has its first screening February 12th in Vancouver. You probably don’t […]

The Creative Power of the Mindmap

I was back in college the first time I heard about the concept of mindmapping. My Project Management professor showed it to us, as a way to brainstorm all the things that needed to be done to successfully complete a creative design project. That day, my eyes were opened to a new way of doing […]

Finding Your Voice

I wasn’t always a writer. In the 11th grade, I had to take after school English tutoring because my grammar was so atrocious. It was my only hope of passing the class. I worked my butt off with my “its and it’s”, and my “there, their and they’re”.  My teacher told me that in the […]

Creativity 101

I’m heading downtown this morning to spend the day with the wonderful gang at SAW Video Co-op. I’m on the Board of Directors there, and today is what’s known as a “Visioning Retreat”…which is really just a fancied up term for creative planning, I think. I don’t know exactly what to expect, but I’ve been […]