When The Time Is Right

I’ll start my business when the time is right.

I’ll build a blog when the time is right.

I’ll get married and settle down when the time is right.

I’ll lose weight when the time is right.

I’ll write that novel when the time is right.

I’ll call that friend when the time is right.

How many of these things ring a bell to you? We spend a lot of time thinking about the things we’d like to do in our lives. We spend countless hours dreaming about what it will be like at some future point, when our business is succeeding, or our relationships are stronger, and when we’re more fit and healthy. But how many of those hours do we actually spend working on those things?

We wait, because it’s not the right time yet. We’re not financially secure enough to quit our day job and start a business. We’re not sure if he or she is the one. We don’t have the time to focus on writing. We’re under too much stress to stop eating and start exercising. But someday, when all these things work themselves out…boy oh boy…just watch us go!

We wait, because waiting is easier than making a commitment. Because it’s far less scary to dream than to do. Because, we’ve got lots of time left, right?

The hours, days, months and years continue on without us. We get lost in our dream world, waiting for the exact right moment to make our move.

But that moment never comes.

Instead, what if you just did one thing today that moved you closer? What if you just signed up for a blog, and created a title for your first post, then wrote a few paragraphs? What if you sat down with your sweetheart and had THAT conversation about your future together? What if you put down that ice cream bar and went for a walk instead? What if you just opened your laptop and started writing? What if you started working on a web site for your new business instead of watching reruns of Heroes? What if you just picked up the phone and called that long lost friend to say hi?

What would change if you did that one thing, right now?

The time IS right.

[photo by Steve Groisbois]

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  • July 12, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Motivating post.
    The question to which I want to reply “Yes, it’s now” it’s one of your list, one that I’ve dreaming about since 8 y.o. It’s “I’ll write that novel when the time is right.”. Actually, at the moment is cookbook, just to adapt myself to the work of writing. Having a foodblogger that could be a good starting point. I started reading novels and books on how to improve my writing style and understand how writing for people is different from writing just for you. And I was able to create in my mind many obstacles.
    I’ve learn to work on my personality, personal relations, blog…I have just this lifelong dream to deal with.
    Thanks for your post.



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