We have much to learn from our elders

I came across a blog this morning that has made me aware, yet again, of the wisdom that older people have to share. Don To Earth is a blog by Donald Crowdis, known to many Canadians as the original host of “The Nature of Things“, now hosted by David Suzuki. Don is now an energetic 93 year old and, one of the oldest bloggers. I have taken a read of some of his posts, and he has a lot to share.

I wish more seniors would take up blogging. Our elders have so much wisdom to pass on, so much history to tell. And as they leave us, this history leaves with them. It’s up to our generation to do what we can to capture the wisdom of older people. Maybe that means volunteering at a seniors’ community centre, teaching a computer course. Maybe it means helping your grandma or your dad to set up a blog, or a web page of any kind. Maybe it means having conversations with the older people in your life and then documenting their stories for them.

Here in Canada, there are only three World War I Veterans still surviving today. Once they are gone, their stories will be gone too. In 20 years, the same will be said about WWII Vets. Let’s find some ways to give our elders a voice. Use the power of the Web to capture the voice of the previous generation…so we can share it with future generations.

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