shutterstock_173453687For the past several years, I’ve taken a page from Chris Brogan‘s book and, instead of making new year’s resolutions, have created three words to define my year. I’ve found it to be a very beneficial exercise, because it serves as a reminder on a daily basis of what I need to work towards, and what I might need to change. To me, words are just words without action, so each word I’ve come up with will also have an action associated with it, that will help me in my daily quest. So without further ado, here are my three words for 2015.


This is my reminder to take each day one moment at a time. I have a tendency to rush through things, without stopping to really appreciate what’s happening right now. In 2015 I will stop more, and take notice of moments as they appear. To this end, I’ve begun a daily journal that I will use to reflect on each day and capture my moments.


Movement means many things. It means moving my body more, in an effort to continue on my journey to better health. It also means forward motion, in my career and in my life. It will also mean travel, which will be a bigger part of my life in the upcoming year. I’m renewing my commitment to regular exercise, to working hard to grow our business, and to take to the open road (or open skies, as the case may be) a little more often this year.


I have a note on my wall that says “Tips for Mindfulness”. It goes like this:

1. Do what you’re doing
2. Pay attention to what you’re doing
3. Return to what you’re doing if your thoughts carry you away
4. Repeat 9 billion times.

In 2015 I am going to work on being more mindful, not only of others but of myself. This has been a challenging thing for me in the past, but mindfulness has helped me deal with many things, including anxiety and depression. I’ll be getting back into the habit of a daily mindfulness practice.

So there you have it! My three words for 2015. And you? What have you got in store for this brave new year? Share your thoughts, and your words, in the comments.

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  1. You inspired me last year and I linked to you in my post this year ( My 3 words are Fearless, Voice and Dazz. Yes!

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