The Woodwork

It always seems that when something big and important happens in my life that people come out of the woodwork. I don’t mean people that I don’t know that well – I mean long time, close friends who live in the same city as me, but with whom I’ve lost regular contact with for the past few years for one reason or another.

On Saturday, we were at the office, painting, patching and getting ready for this week, when in walks my very close friend Dave, who I haven’t seen in nearly two years. Definitely haven’t seen him since before I got married in 2005. He and his girlfriend were going to lunch on Preston Street, and my partner’s husband spotted them. In they came to the new office and I just about fell off my chair! Dave and I have been very good friends for nearly 18 years…he is the kind of guy that you could literally not speak to for 2 years (as I did) and then can just pick up right where you left off…which is pretty much what we did. A lot has changed in that time…I got married, bought a house and opened a business, he is going to be a Dad in August and just bought a house. But, the way we were talking, it was like we had just seen each other last week. And the best part – he is as genuinely happy and supportive of me and my new adventures as I am of his. He is the real deal (see my post on Authenticity) and I am proud to call him a true friend.

Then tonight, my other longtime, very good friend Dennis, whom I also have not seen or spoken to in nearly two years, calls me out of the blue. I have also known Dennis for 18 years. And even though we have not spoken for so long, it was like I just talked to him yesterday. In that time, his father has passed away, and he’s started to think about retiring. I’ve done all the things I’ve done, and again, he is genuinely thrilled and happy for me. He too, is a true friend.

Whenever something major happens in your life, pay attention to who comes out of the woodwork. You will find two kinds of people – the naysayers, the jealous types who aren’t your real friends anyway. They are the dead wood of the woodwork – get rid of them! Then you’ll find guys like Dave and Dennis, true friends, who’ve been there for me through thick and thin, and who will continue to be the real deal.

It's DONE!!!
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