shutterstock_118828141It’s 5am and I just had a conversation with a friend who, like me, can’t sleep. We talked briefly about how all of the things going on in the world these past days are worrisome…so worrisome that slumber escapes us. This is intensely troubling to me. Not only are we living in a world that is in turmoil, but it’s affecting us so much that we can’t seem to escape it, even in the quiet, early hours of the day.

We live in a crazy, messed up world, made all the more crazy and messed up by our 24/7, always on channels of communication. My streams are filled with concern, bad news, and more often than not, hate and misunderstanding. I want to shut it off, close my eyes to it, and make it go away. I know I can, at any moment I choose. I can unfriend and unfollow at will. I can. And I do.

But that only makes the negativity stop in MY world. The stream keeps flowing, whether I choose to dip my foot into it or not. People are outraged, up in arms, and unfortunately, many are now taking to these channels to spew misinformation, racism, and hate. People I once respected have said things and shared things that are, in a word, shocking.

We are indeed, in dark days.

But what’s still so incredible and amazing, is that I have the freedom to choose differently. I don’t need to get mired in the bullshit. I can choose to walk away from it. I can surround myself with goodness, and cat videos. I can turn away from the hate. I can choose to not be a part of the conversations that only proliferate the negative.

I can choose to be helpful, funny, informative, and compassionate. That’s the real beauty of this world we are in. Social media doesn’t have to be dark, because I get to choose. And so do you.

So, my challenge to you is this…today, share one thing in your social channels that isn’t all doom and gloom, that isn’t political or filled with war and hate. Share something good that’s happening in the world, or in your home, or in your soul. And please, tag me if we’re friends on Facebook, or on Twitter (@suzemuse), and I promise I’ll share it too.

Because Lord knows we could all use a little more good news.

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  1. Here’s my take: we don’t live in a crazy messed up world. Some how it’s what we’re barraged with. I turn on the radio and there’s talk of war, beheadings, feuding neighbors, lawsuits, celebrity scandal, etc. Sometimes I have to remind myself of the 4 years I spent in the nonprofit sector. That was 4 years of being on the good side of people. 

    It’s just not newsworthy to mention the people who donated 5 hours of their Saturday to help a nonprofit. It’s not newsworthy to mention that we helped someone whose house had burned down. Though, the news outlets might show up to film the fire.

    So, I get what you’re saying and have my own experiences. After unfriending and blocking someone I’d known for 20 years, that was a strong warning to review my engagement with Facebook. That’s meant using filters that keep certain content off my Facebook feed.

    But I like your invitation to not just try to cleanse my own world, but add some positivity to others. So, I did … and will continue to.  🙂

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