Stop…In the Name of Sanity

Suddenly, I stopped. I listened to what my mind was saying. It was telling me some funny things. “You need to blog more. People will stop showing up.” “Boy, you’ve been working really hard. Accomplishing so much. Doing so well. Hope it lasts.” “Wow, are you ever stressed out! You poor thing. How are you […]

Oprah's Web Event

I have a confession to make. I watch Oprah. I LIKE watching Oprah. It’s my unwind-from-a-long-day, think-about-something-completely-different, guilty pleasure. But at this moment, I’m glad, I watch Oprah. For all you non-watchers out there, Oprah is doing something cool these days in the online media space. She is touting a new Book Club Book, called […]