We are all Producers Now

I remember the first time I realized I wanted to be a producer. I was 11 years old and living on the beautiful island of Haida Gwaii with my family. My Dad, in addition to being a proud Navy man, was very involved in the community. He helped to start the first community television station […]

Finding Your Voice

My Grade 12 music teacher, Mr. G., believed that everyone has the ability to sing, they just need to find their voice. And you know what? The same can be said about blogging, podcasting, tweeting, and, well, just about anything to do with communicating online. When we are first starting out around here, we feel […]

Blogger Guilt

I haven’t been blogging here as much as I usually do. It’s a combination of factors. Work has me writing more right now than I’ve ever written. I’m also blogging over at Thoughtwrestling, and doing more stuff over at Jester Creative’s blog too. I’m writing content for clients, proposals, scripts – you name it. Many […]