My Love Affair with Canada

I have a confession to make. I have a huge, giant crush on Canada. She’s totally my type, in every way. Oh sure, I’m probably a bit biased, but I come by it honestly. I am Canadian, after all. I am extraordinarily lucky that Canada has allowed me to take up space on her for […]

Media Makers Go Mobile

As some of you may know, hubby and I did our annual road trip to Indiana at the end of March to attend the Horrorhound Weekend convention. That convention, for us, is about so much more than movie screenings, shopping at vendor booths, and spotting the odd celebrity. It’s in a big way, an opportunity […]

Talking TEDxOttawa and Announcing Something New!

This afternoon I sat down with my friend Aronado to record a quick bit about this weekend’s big event, TEDxOttawa. The crew has been working really hard to pull things together, and we’re thrilled with how things are looking. Prepare to be entertained, enlightened and informed. Don’t forget to follow the live stream if you […]