Every Thursday, I am highlighting the fun, smart and amazing things that people are doing out here on the Interwebz. Why? Because I am inspired by these people daily, and I hope you are too. Know someone doing cool things online? Share it in the comments!

Quilting Gallery

If there is one thing that Michele Foster, or @MiskaOttawa as she’s known online, loves, it’s quilting. Oh yah, she also loves to build web sites. So guess what? She does exactly those two things.

Michele is the founder and creator of the Quilting Gallery, one of the premiere online sources for everything and anything to do with quilting. The site features patterns, blogs, a marketplace, and her super popular Quilt Shop Locator, a one of a kind resource for touring quilting aficionados to locate quilt stores, professionals, and retailers all over the world.

Mishka’s site is extremely popular in the quilting universe. I am not a quilter by any stretch of the imagination, but here is why I love Michele. She is living that dream that so many people want – she has merged her two passions – quilting and the Web – and is making a go of a viable online business. But it’s not just a money grab…Mishka is providing real value and has single-handedly built a strong and vibrant community around her. She is connecting quilters to each other, and allowing them a place where they can learn and share and grow. And it’s because of that, that she is successful. Keep an eye on this lady. She has much to teach us.

Canadian Podcast Buffet

Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche are the first real podcasters I ever met. On the day I met them, I barely even knew what a podcast was, but I did know one thing…these two were doing some mighty cool things on the Internet. Among other things, these two are the hosts of the Canadian Podcast Buffet – a podcast for podcasters, about podcasting, and featuring many, many podcasters.

Here’s what’s super cool – they have been doing this show since 2005! In Internet time, that’s like, 20 years! What I love about these guys is they are not trying to make their next million through their podcast. Heck, they’re not even trying to make beer money! They are doing this because they care about the medium of podcasting, and because they love to tell stories. And I’m also pretty sure they would both tell you that they also do it because of the amazing people they get to meet.

Mark and Bob took their love of podcasting to a new level in 2006 when they held the first ever Podcasters Across Borders conference in Kingston, Ontario. I was fortunate to attend and speak at PAB2010 (the event moved to Ottawa this year) and I can tell you it is one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to. PAB is about so much more than podcasting. To me, it’s a mini TED. I came away with renewed energy, a million ideas and many new friends. Go next year. Just go.

And it doesn’t stop there. On December 8th, Bob and Mark have joined forces with the inimitable C.C. Chapman to present the first ever CreatorCamp here in Ottawa. This one evening event is all about people and creativity. Various presenters will be sharing their stories and I’m sure many amazing conversations will be had. If you’re in the city, please come! You won’t be disappointed.

These are a few people doing what they love online. They are living passionately, unafraid to put themselves out there and create, explore and have fun.

Inspiring, eh?

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words, Sue! It’s humbling that what Bob and I do (and we’d do it even if few people noticed) has an impact on others.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Michelle at CreatorCamp.

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