Well there is plenty of talk around town about the massive snowstorm this past weekend. Ottawa won, with a total of 56cm (22 inches) of snow in the span of 2 days. Take THAT, Toronto! 😛

We are a mere 38cm (15 inches) short of the all-time snowfall record for an Ottawa winter, 445cm (14 1/2 feet) set back in 1970-71.

We happened to live in Ottawa back in those days too, and today I asked my folks if they had any photos of that winter. Unfortunately their photo albums did not offer up any pics, but they did find this nifty certificate that our family received as a token of our outstanding survival skills that year!

I’ve been asking around town and the general consensus is, we’ve come this far, we might as well go all the way and try to beat the record! So, bring on another 30 or 40cm of snow, Mother Nature! We’re Canadian – we can totally handle it, eh?

Here are few more snaps my parents took around their house:

 Dad looking weary after snowblowing the driveway AGAIN!
The squirrel guard only works when there isn’t a mountain of snow leading to it!
 Mom and Dad’s backyard

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