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Inside Entrepreneurship Show

Inside Entrepreneurship is a live weekly show hosted by Susan Murphy and Bassem Elghawaby that explores the intersections between entrepreneurship and mental health, mentorship and media, creative expression and more! Different themes will be explored week to week, with special guests being invited on for panel discussions periodically. Thursdays at 7pm EDT on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. 

About the hosts:

Susan Murphy: Writer, Teacher, Professional Speaker, Digital Media Specialist, Entrepreneur, TV Producer

In a world experiencing social media silos and ethical dilemmas in how to interact and engage in the polarized landscape it’s created, Susan Murphy brings a much needed perspective as someone who’s worked in video and digital production pre-Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

She gets the tried and true value based approach of communication and storytelling while incorporating the newest trends and techniques to get results for her clients in a way they can feel good about. 

She came up in the industry at the same time as other pioneers, who have become well known in the creative digital space, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, before VaynerX, and shares his philosophy of ‘kindness is strength’ an that it will define your staying power and legacy, especially in today’s age of huge digital footprints. 

She is dedicated to speaking up about the human costs that mental health challenges can create for entrepreneurs and others and how she’s successfully navigated a lived experience with anxiety. This is the moment to tackle this still too often stigmatized issue. With technology and social media offering both great opportunities for connection and innovation, but undeniably also playing an increasingly detrimental role, she is well positioned to speak to how we can contribute to reclaiming them and amplifying them as forces for good

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Bassem Elghawaby: Entrepreneur, Writer, Mental health advocate, and Connector

In a world calling out for just voices, and looking for creative solutions to both age old challenges and ones very much of this time and place, Bassem Elghawaby has been focused on adding his distinct voice to larger societal conversations and making a positive difference through collaborating with impact makers in professional and personal ways. He has a background in entrepreneurship and working hands on in content creation and the digital marketing field for the past 6 years. His 20 year lived experience with mental health challenges has driven him to be a passionate advocate for the cause, and for him to be public with his writings, and become directly involved with mental health organizations and initiatives. He has partnered with his mentor and friend, Susan Murphy, on the Inside Entrepreneurship weekly live show to examine how these conditions impact the entrepreneurial community among others and how we can advance the conversation and point people to the resources and support they deserve.

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