I Can Haz Podcast Episode 80: Amazing Things Will Happen

I realized recently that I haven’t talked much on this blog about the podcast that I co-host. I’m going to change that in 2013. While you can still visit our web site and we’d love it if you would subscribe, I also want to make sure I’m talking about it with you here.

Stefan Halley and I started working on I Can Haz Podcast about this time last year. I learned through my husband that Stefan was looking for a co-host for a weekly social media marketing podcast he was producing. Out of the blue I emailed him, introduced myself and he invited me to record a show with him. Our biggest challenge was figuring out when to record – you see, Stefan lives in Sweden, and I live in Canada. With 6 hours separating us, time zones are not our friend. Anyway, we finally found a time and off we went. And the rest, they say, is history. 80 episodes later, we’re still going strong, building our audience more and more all the time. We talk about all things social media, and each week you’ll get great discussion, excellent tips and tricks, new and exciting tools, and the latest news. Oh, and we usually throw in a weather report too – because if there’s one thing both Canada and Sweden have a lot of, it’s weather.

This week’s show is a slightly different format, but for very good reason. I was extremely thrilled to have the chance to chat with the amazing C.C. Chapman recently. C.C. has a brand new book about called “Amazing Things Will Happen: A Real-World Guide on Achieving Success and Happiness (affiliate link).

C.C. and  I chatted about many things, including dealing with naysayers, advice for people feeling overwhelmed by technology, as well as his show “Passion Hits” and his brand new not-for-profit organization, the Cleon Foundation.

Additionally, Stefan and I rounded up some of the top news stories of the week, including info on how to download all your tweets, the Instagram debacle, and we also attempt to get to the bottom of why dead people are liking things on Facebook.

Oh, and we also are giving away a signed copy of C.C.’s book – listen to find out how you can win it!

Please let us know what you think of the show, you can find us on Twitter and Facebook or drop us an email at icanhazpodcast@gmail.com.

Click here to listen – and enjoy! 

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