shutterstock_133662176Weekends are always a great time for unwinding and reflection. Here are a few topics for you to ponder as you head into the end of your week.

72% of Adults Use Social Media

Pew Research recently came out with some new social media usage stats, and found that 72% of adults in the U.S. use social media. This is a change from just 8% in 2005. That’s astounding. It’s s true testament to the boom that social media use has seen in the past several years – and it only continues to grow. So, how’s that social media plan for your business coming along? 🙂

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Rest of Us

We all know one – someone who live their computer life virtually mouse or trackpad free – they whiz around the keyboard using mysterious commands and seem 100 times more productive than the average mouse-clicker. My colleague Tony Gamble is one of those guys, and whenever we work together I’m amazed at his keyboarding prowess. Lucky for us, Tony’s Tech Tip on Jester Creative’s web site this week discloses several Mac and Windows keyboard shortcuts that will save you time and make you the envy of your friends and colleagues. You can read all of Tony’s weekly tech tips here.

3 Ways to Harness the Mental Power of Writing 

If you’re a writer you’ll understand this – there’s something about the physical and mental activity of writing – of putting pen to paper or keys to screen – that hits us on a deep, psychological level. I write to clear my head, to sort out my thoughts, and sometimes even to figure out what I think about things. This great article from my favourite blog, Dumb Little Man, addresses what it is that makes our writing brains work the way they do, and how we can use writing to solve problems and achieve our goals.

Wait – Life is Good

Sometimes you meet someone and you feel like you instantly have a connection with them, like you’ve known them forever. I feel this way about my friend Diane Brogan. She and her husband Steve are two of the kindest, most generous and thoughtful people I’ve ever known, and not only that, they write a wonderful blog over at MomPopPow. Diane’s post this week is about not sweating the small stuff. We all have frustrations in our week – the kids act up, the cat barfs all over the bathroom (true story, BTW), the water heater breaks, you get a flat tire. All annoying, and we get so worked up. Read Diane’s post, and you’ll understand why, in spite of these things, many of us still have a lot to be thankful for.

Bass Dogs

Some of you may know that I bought a very cool new guitar this week. It’s a rare 2001 Gretsch Historic Series G3601 for you guitar geeks out there. It’s toured around the world and been well played and well loved by many talented people. I absolutely love it and am looking forward to learning more from and getting my calluses back in shape. I was looking at a lot of guitar stuff online this week and I came across this, which to me, is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Ever notice how when you see photos of famous bass players like Geddy Lee, John Entwistle or Gene Simmons playing their guitars, they look like they’re tickling dogs? No? Well, that’s about to change when you see this site. Give yourself a good half hour to go through it all. It’s a riot.

That’s it – enjoy your weekend everyone, and share any great things you found online in the comments if you like!

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