Just a quick word before I head out to Bob LeDrew’s place for a house concert tonight.

Life is crazy. There’s a lot going on, between balancing work, family life, and all the daily tasks that keep me occupied.

Tonight I’m going to enjoy a terrific musical evening with some of my favourite female musicians, Ana Miura, Amanda Rheaume, Rhonda Stakich and Janine Stoll. It’s also a benefit for Breast Cancer Action Ottawa.

The last house concert I went to at Bob and Cathy’s place was a moving, energizing, inspiring and fun-filled evening. I expect tonight will be much the same.

Don’t forget to take time for yourselves to do things you love doing. I LOVE music. Listening to it, watching people perform it, and performing it myself on occasion. I know that because of this few hours I will awake tomorrow refreshed and ready to take on anything.

Have a great evening and I hope you get some time to focus on you, too!


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