The Land of the Free

I had a little talk with Scarborough Dude last night. It’s sort of a biannual thing, my little talks with the Dude. It usually revolves around a Podcamp, some coffee or a beer. It always makes me want to write. He’s a wise man. Last night’s talk took place in a loud, boisterous room filled […]

My Low Tech Approach to Podcamp

This weekend I’m thrilled to be attending my 2nd Podcamp Montreal. Last year’s inaugural event was, to say the least, fantastic. I met a ton of amazing people, and I can’t stress enough how much I love the unique vibe and class that the Montreal organizers bring to the event. You really have to experience […]

How To Make the Most of Podcamp Toronto

Podcamp Toronto is less than a week away and I have to say I’m pretty excited about it. I’m excited about the trip there with this guy and this gal. I’m super excited about finally meeting good friends like Kathyrn and Danny and Keith and (I just found out!!!) Amber face to face. I’m excited […]

Twitter vs. Facebook – The WIIFM Wars

Hubby and I were having a great conversation over breakfast for dinner tonight. It all started with Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and his chime in the other day about Twitter vs. Facebook. In his video post, he talks about how apps like Facebook need to become more immediate and instantaneous or they are going to be eclipsed […]

Curiosity Killed the Confusion

I’ve recently come into contact with a lot of people who don’t know a whole lot about the whole social media thing. When I try to explain the stuff to them, I either get a yah, but….or just a blank stare. It’s true, there is SO much going on in this space right now that […]

Making a Case for Social Media

James Koole from Tucows presented this afternoon at Podcamp Toronto on enhancing corporate communications through social media. Tucows is doing some really neat stuff as far as creating a social media focused web presence. He’s showing the group that it’s not rocket science and all it takes is some creative people willing to invest a […]

How to Explain RSS to Your Mom

I am a virtual attendee of Podcamp Toronto 2008. Sadly I was not able to be there in person, so this is the next best thing. I just sat in on a session lead by social media guru Chris Brogan. One thing Chris is great at is putting things into a context that anyone can […]