Building a Community with Music

Last night I was fortunate to be able to attend my first house concert, put on by Bobcat House Concerts. Bob LeDrew and his wife Cathy open their home about once a month and host an intimate gathering for an evening of live musical performance. For those of you who have never been to a […]

Jeff Healey Memorial Tribute

My brother, also a big fan of Jeff Healey, has posted a very nice memorial tribute. Update: My brother’s tribute was taken off this site, but there is a tribute now online for Jeff.

Jeff Healey 1966-2008

I’ve just learned of the passing of one of the greatest Canadian musical talents, Jeff Healey. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff back in 1993 during one of his tours. He was one of the warmest, kindest, most down to earth people I have ever met. Anyone privileged to have ever seen him perform […]

Music Video – What Makes a Man

My friend Greg Wyard, singer/songwriter extraordinaire, has a new music video for his song “What Makes a Man”. Check it out. Great song, great video, and it’s local (well, Toronto local), and independent. I just had to share it. Greg started out in Ottawa playing little local pubs and has a huge following in the […]

SuzeMuse's All-Canadian Playlist

I was bored yesterday so I made a new iTunes playlist of the BEST Canadian artists and my favourite songs from each of them. Unfortunately not all the artists are on iTunes, so I couldn’t publish it. Instead, I’m going to type it out for y’all, with links to everyone. If you are looking for […]