40 years, 40lbs – Week 2 Roundup

End of week 2 and I reached my first 5lb milestone! The online Weight Watchers tool makes a pretty big deal about that, so it’s pretty motivating. My pants are already fitting a bit looser and I was even caught wearing summery dresses a couple of times this past week!

I’m down 5.6 lbs in total – a pretty good start if you ask me. I didn’t lose as much this week as I wanted to, but that all comes down to portion control. I had a couple of dinners out and eating out is one of my weaknesses on this diet. I also do need to work more on my activity level, but our pool is open now so if this warm weather keeps up I’ll be able to swim swim swim!

I’m travelling this week for two days, and I’m already doing some planning around that. I’m driving about 6 hours each way, so I will be taking along healthy snacks and a meal for the road, at least on the way there, to avoid the temptation of the fast food highway stops. On the way back I’m driving at night so I’ll be stopping at a store on the way home to pick up some fruit to harness any late night cravings. I’ll also be bringing along my big water bottle – hydration is key!

So, my goals for this week? Increase my activity level and try not to use any of my floater points.

I’ll check in next week with another update.

Are you on a weight loss/healthy eating plan? Tell us about it in the comments! What are you learning about yourself as you go through the process?

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  • May 29, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    I need to get back on a plan. I need to drop a good 30. (45 ideally.) Maybe I'll go back to weight watchers… dunno. I think what I really need is discipline. (I.e. just because it's hot doesn't mean I can have two ice cream cones.)



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