shutterstock_102365011Thanks to Chris Brogan, I’ve been doing the three words exercise for a number of years now. Basically, instead of making resolutions I’ll never keep, I come up with three words that will guide my actions in the coming year. It’s a great exercise and I find it helps me to get really focused on what’s important. So, here goes…my three words for 2014 are:

Clarity – 2013 was the year my anxiety disorder finally came to a head. I got to the point where I realized that I was not functioning as well as I should be. I sought treatment, and got support. And now, 4 months later, I have clarity of mind that frankly, I have not had for years. This newfound clarity is helping me to rediscover many things in life – my love of music (listening to and playing), reading, writing, and spending quality time with the people in my life that matter. I also have a renewed commitment to doing my part to stamp out the stigma of mental illness, which is one of the reasons I talk so openly about my own experience.

Nourish – I’ve always been sort of lackadaisical about fitness and nutrition. I would go to the gym in fits and starts, and be very on again off again with healthy eating. My health issues of the past year have taught me that I can no longer take these areas of my life for granted. Nourish means nourishing my body, mind and spirit from the inside out. That means regular exercise, healthy food choices, getting enough sleep, and taking time for me.

Make – 2014 is the year of making things. I am going to finally finish the book I’ve been working on (my newfound clarity is helping that immensely!), and I’m going to spend more time in the kitchen making healthy meals for my husband and me. That means planning meals for the week, shopping with a list, and then actually being prepared and organized to cook. I will also make a lot more music in 2014 – not only with my amazing band, but for myself. That means writing more songs, practicing my guitar, and seeing where my musical journey wants to take me.

There you have it, my three guiding words for 2014. Now, over to you! Feel free to share your three words in the comments.

Happy new year and have a joyous 2014!