You know what’s amazing?

  • That even though I live in one of the coldest, snowiest Capital cities in the world, I can sit by the edge of my 80 degree pool, with birds chirping, water glistening, in the sunblock scented air on a hot summer day, in my own backyard, and type this to you.
  • That I literally have the entire world at my fingertips, with no wires attached. I can find answers to just about anything and talk to just about anyone with the click of a button.
  • That in just two short years, I have met more people from more parts of the world than I ever thought possible, and that I’ve done it mostly from my sofa, in what seems like just a brief moment in time.
  • That I’ve forged some of the best friendships of my life out of these moments we’ve shared. That I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to meet some of you, my friends, in person, and that when I did, I felt lucky beyond words to know you.
  • That if not for this place we share here, my business would have probably remained relatively local. That I would have missed so many wonderful, amazing opportunities to work with you, to help you, to share with you.
  • That by sharing what I know, and by learning what you know, we’ve all become stronger, wiser, and better. And we’ve done it together.
  • That the things we are able to accomplish together knows no bounds. It’s only held back by our fear and our self-imposed limits. But because we have each other, we will never have to go it alone.
  • That the Internet could end tomorrow…but what we all have with each other will continue on.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?