On Friday night, a bunch of local Ottawa bloggers got the chance to really get their geek on, thanks to Jen Covert and the National Arts Centre, as the Sci-Fi Spectacular hit the stage. Not only were we treated to a great performance by the National Arts Centre Orchestra, we were part of a select group chosen to attend a backstage meet and greet with none other than George Takei, a.k.a. Mr. Sulu from the orignal Star Trek series.

My brother, Mike Thompson, is just about the biggest Sci-Fi fan you’ll ever meet. Well, until you meet my friend Mark Bell. I have to confess that I am not well versed on the Sci-Fi genre much outside of Star Wars and perhaps Star Trek:TNG, but Mark and Mike really were transported to another world by this performance.

I brought along our new Flip MinoHD camera to capture some of the goings-on of the evening, and my brother edited it together into a great little piece that I think sums up our evening really well. He’s even inserted our tweets from the night throughout the piece.

For anyone who thinks the National Arts Centre is a stuffy old place where only the hoity-toity go, think again. They are doing some really progressive stuff these days, with shows like this and all of their great new media ventures. What I really appreciate is that the NAC is reaching out to us bloggers to help them tell their story. And the consensus is, we’re happy to report that the NAC really is the place to be for arts, culture, and just plain fun in the Nation’s Capital.

So without further ado…ladies and gentlemen….The Sci-Fi Spectacular.

Update – here are some more Sci-Fi Spectacular photos courtesy of my pal @Elkae.