Superbloggers Mitch Joel and Chris Brogan have asked people to contribute their “Social Media Best Practices”, so I thought I’d chime in with my own:

Comment on Other People’s Blogs
This is my personal favourite, because I think it is truly the best way to get involved in social media – for the beginner, it allows them to have their say, even if they aren’t ready to have their own blog. For people who have been around the circles for a while, it’s a great way to stay connected and self promote. For the social media expert, it’s a great way to help others and spread the word about new and exciting things within this fascinating space. So get out there and join in the amazing conversations that are going on.

Now, according to the rules, I’m supposed to tag some other people to contribute, so here goes:

Bob LeDrew (Flacklife)
Joe Boughner (42 Points on a Double Word Score)
Jay Moonah (Media Driving)
Stacerella (

If I didn’t tag you – then write your own post – just follow these steps or go to Mitch’s blog to check out the full details:

  1. Blog it.
  2. Link to Mitch’s blog
  3. Tag it “social media marketing best practices”
  4. And then tag someone else.

This is kinda fun, eh?