James Koole from Tucows presented this afternoon at Podcamp Toronto on enhancing corporate communications through social media.

Tucows is doing some really neat stuff as far as creating a social media focused web presence. He’s showing the group that it’s not rocket science and all it takes is some creative people willing to invest a bit of time to improve their company’s profile.

James Koole talks Social Media PR at Podcamp Toronto 2008
At this session, they were talking about how to convince “the powers that be” in companies to embrace the power of social media.

It’s a challenge I come across often when talking to clients. How does one make a good business case for social media? How do we communicate the real value of social media to our clients, to convince them that their corporate communications can be greatly enhanced by not only getting online but getting linked in to the industry through blogging or podcasting, or even Twittering and Uttering?

As podcasters, bloggers, media creators and storytellers…what do you think our communications strategy should be?