Seth Godin posted this story on his blog about quitting, and it’s pretty much the story of my life to this point.

After many, many years of the corporate world, I’ve quit to follow my passion. And you know what – I don’t miss it one bit. I know that I’m doing the right thing, there is no question in my mind.

The initial panic of making the big decision has started to wear off now. I’m not waking up at 3 in the morning thinking “What have I done? Am I crazy?”. Instead I’m excited about all the new possibilities that our business is going to offer. I can’t wait to get working on drumming up new clients (we have two already and we’re not even open yet!).

Even more than that I’m thrilled that my partner and I are calling the shots now. I’m proud to be a quitter, and even more proud to say I’m an entrepreneur.

Do you need to quit something to follow your passion? Or do you just need to make room in your life to follow it. Either way, there is a sacrifice to be made.

What do you need to quit?