Yesterday I took a day off from work, and from technology. I didn’t check email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google +. I didn’t answer my phone (texts or voice).

Here’s what happened:

1) I spent 2 entire hours in the sunshine at the dog park with my friend and our dogs.

2) I read. A LOT.

3) I sat and looked out the window. A LOT.

4) I had an EPIC nap.

5) I slowed down. Time slowed down.

6) My head felt clearer.

7) Twitter, and Facebook, and Google + kept going. People kept sending me email. They kept right on texting, and calling.

8) Not one single person was upset that they couldn’t reach me.

9) My inbox did not explode, and nothing disastrous happened because I didn’t see my email.

10) I didn’t miss anything.

The truth is, I knew all of these things would happen if I unplugged. The thing is, if we never unplug, we forget.

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